Namaqua Horse Trails is owned by Ann Barnes and run by both Ann and her husband David Barnes. It is based on a small farm just outside Springbok in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Springbok is in the heart of Namaqualand, which is home to the famous spring flowers. But flowers are not the only reason to visit Namaqualand. We have other things for you too.

Ann Barnes is a SANEF-qualified riding instructor who is well known in Namaqualand for her extensive knowledge of horses. She runs a riding school where she teaches both children and adults. She particularly enjoys Three-Phase Eventing.

David, a biologist and oceanographer, particularly enjoys climbing mountains on horseback and driving horse drawn carriages. He is well qualified to share the wonders of the flora, fauna and geography of this unique landscape.

David and Ann grew up as mountaineers and have all the skills needed to make a trip into the wilderness exciting, safe and pleasurable.

David and Ann have many years experience in taming and training horses and particularly enjoy the challenge of taking a wild horse and making it a willing and gentle riding horse (see how the Zorse is progressing in his training). They also have many years experience working with children and teenagers and love having them on camps.

Ann is a qualified stud manager and she and David have together caught many foals and dealt with many injured and sick horses. They also take recovered horses through a steady, controlled fitness program so as to bring them back to full working fitness.

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