We take novice, intermediate and advanced riders on the longer trail rides. Beginners are welcome to do our one hour rides. We reserve the right to assess the riding ability of all our clients and to make them dismount if we consider them to be a danger to themselves, the other riders or the horses. Please be honest about your riding ability. It is better to understate your ability as you will then not be over-horsed and will be able to have a relaxed and enjoyable ride.

We use mostly English saddles and the riding style is Classical. Our rider weight limit is 95 kilograms (209 pounds) and we take a maximum of six riders per group plus the guides. Non-riding partners may enjoy a ride in our Skeleton Gig carriage.


Beginner: Has limited or no experience, cannot post to the trot and does not canter.

Novice: Can mount and dismount unassisted, can apply the basic aids, is comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots and short canters.

Intermediate: Has a firm seat and is confident and in control at all paces, but does not ride regularly.

Strong Intermediate: An intermediate rider who rides regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for long hours.

Advanced: The same as the strong intermediate rider, but has an independent seat, soft hands and can handle a spirited horse on the roads and in open country.

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