Natural Rezorse

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Zorse was born on 24 December 2006. David and Ann first met him as a yearling when they went to Namaqua Game Lodge to fetch a young horse for backing and training. After getting to know the owners of the young horse and the zorse, Ann asked for the privelege of trying to tame and train the zorse. Approximately a year later all Namaqua Game Lodge's equines came onto the market and Ann and David put in an offer for the zorse and a mule. The zorse was to be purchased by David's mother, Sandy Barnes.

In February 2009 the offer was accepted and David and Ann, ably assisted by two other riders fetched Emma, the mule, and Zorse. This was done by herding Zorse and riding Emma and two other well schooled horses over 30 km of quiet back roads to their farm.

Zorse is still growing, but currently (April 2009) stands at roughly 14 hands. He is light bay in colour with black stripes on his legs, some of his body and part of his face. David and Ann are finding him more alert and wilder than the horses they have tamed and trained to date. His defence mechanisms are much stronger and he is more inclined to flight or fight than even the wilder horses they have dealt with.

Zorse now accepts people stroking his face and Ann can touch most of his body. He responds to his name being called and has settled into the herd of horses very well. He is happy in a stable at night, but runs in by himself as he is not yet halter trained.

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